Our story

Jolicloud is an independent cloud since 2008. Our vision is focused on creating simple ways to manage our digital life. Over the years we developed a range of products to make the cloud simpler and more accessible to everyone.

Joli OS

Joli OS was the first cloud operating system mostly used to recycle old computers and connect them to the cloud. It lead the path to a new generation of browser based platform like Google Chrome OS.


Designed as an experiment, the Jolibook preceded Chromebook computers as the first cloud computer. Launched as a limited edition and pre-installed with Joli OS it became a cult icon and sold out instantly. The Jolibook was a finalist for "Netbook of the Year" at Engadget Awards, alongside Google’s first Chromebook.


Focusing on the platform of the future, Chrome and Chromebooks, Drive brings to the users the best way to manage their files and storage in the cloud.