Our products

Jolicloud was a pioneer in ethical cloud computing. Our mission was to make the cloud simple and affordable for everyone. Over the years we developed a range of products that have set the standards in this category.

Joli OS

JoliOS was the first cloud OS designed for netbooks and recycled computers. It opened the path to a new generation of browser based operating systems like Google Chrome OS.


The Jolibook was the first personal cloud computer sold in retail in Europe where it preceded the first Google Chromebook. Released as a limited edition, it sold out instantly and is now a collector item. The Jolibook was voted one of the 5 best netbooks of 2010 by Engadget.

Jolicloud Me

Jolicloud Me was our first app for accessing our personal cloud on mobile devices. It was available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Jolicloud was discontinued on April 1, 2016.
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