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Jolidrive is your personal space in the cloud.

Jolidrive unifies all your content from multiple services
in one simple and beautiful interface accessible from anywhere.

  • Browser
  • Joli OS

Built on HTML5 and Open Web technologies, Jolidrive works with all modern browsers
like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Jolidrive comes preinstalled on Joli OS.

One login, access everything

One tab does it all. Enjoy all your online content, regardless of where it’s stored. In one beautiful interface.

Your new workspace

No need to download files anymore, just run everything from the cloud:

  • Listen to your Music
  • View your Photos
  • Edit your Documents
  • Watch your Videos
  • Read your Saved Articles

Take control of your digital life

Build a cloud in your image. Combine multiple free storage services and decide which should host your most precious content.

With Jolidrive, you’re going to love the cloud

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What they’ve said about us.


Jolicloud is on a journey to tackling fundamental problems about our online life, like how to interface and organise it all.

Mike Butcher


@jolicloud has changed my life!!!



Jolicloud has always been an intriguing company to watch.

Sarah Perez


Jolicloud OS, which is completely socially aware and uses Facebook Connect as a way to bridge various components with a user’s social graph. That’s what a modern OS for cloud clients should look like.

Om Malik


In two words, it's the one of the best starting product to get into all-in-one interface all your very important social things #Jolicloud



The Jolicloud user interface is simple and well-organized.

Dale Dougherty


We love the Cloud-based operating system and there's nothing quite like it out there right now.

Joanna Stern


Checking out Jolicloud today - it connects all your cloud-based services in one place. No more multiple tabs?



I think Jolicloud is actually pretty important, or at least an exciting chapter in operating-system history.

David Meyer
Mobile and Web Analytics